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The Bloc Quebecois is a federally registered political party that fields candidates for office only in the Canadian province of Quebec. The large percentage of seats within the province of Quebec that they win each election gives the party some leverage in parliament - especially with any minority government or potential coalition. The party is centre-left on the political spectrum with a social policy heavy platform. The Bloc Quebecois are a political party seeking independence for the province of Quebec.

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National Post

Bloc Québécois at risk of slipping down PQ's slope
The Globe and Mail
The Bloc Québécois stands to be the biggest victim of the rout suffered by the Parti Québécois on Monday, with the leaderless group of four MPs struggling to justify its continued existence without the possibility of a referendum over the next four years.
Kelly McParland: Quebec voters can bring a new dawn by defeating MaroisNational Post
Quebec election campaign a devastating blow to sovereigntists: HébertToronto Star
Parti Québécois Failed to Renew Mandate, Analysts SayNew York Times -Winnipeg Free Press -Ottawa Citizen
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National Post

Prominent sovereigntist Jean Dorion won't support Parti Québécois
Jean Dorion, a prominent figure in Quebec's independence movement, says he won't be endorsing the Parti Québécois. The former Bloc Québécois MP is urging pro-separatists to vote for one of the other sovereigntist parties: Option Nationale or Quebec ...
Graeme Hamilton: A dying dream — Most Quebec voters want nothing to do with ...National Post

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Le Devoir (Abonnement)

Bloc québécois: les élections de 2015 pour relever le mouvement souverainiste
Seul candidat en lice à la chefferie du Bloc québécois, le député de Richmond-Arthabaska convient que la défaite cinglante infligée au Parti québécois (PQ) est décevante. Une deuxième gifle pour le mouvement souverainiste après la «vague orange» de ...
Daniel Turp se range derrière André BellavanceLe Devoir (Abonnement)
Le devoir de luciditéJournal de Montréal

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André Bellavance veut démontrer la pertinence du Bloc
(Ottawa) Les partis fédéralistes à la Chambre des communes ont failli à la tâche de défendre adéquatement les intérêts du Québec depuis les élections de mai 2011, estime le député bloquiste André Bellavance, le seul candidat à briguer la direction du ...

National Post

Quebecers not only just said no to separation, but yes to the 1982 Constitution
National Post
This is a disaster: if not quite on the scale of the Bloc Québécois blowout two years ago, still the worst showing in the popular vote since the PQ's first election in 1970. Fully two-thirds of Quebecers cast their votes for parties that stood flatly ...
As grievances shrink, sovereignty's risks to Quebec growThe Globe and Mail
Quebec election a boon for Harper, better for his
Federal leaders, parties dodged a bullet in Quebec election: Hé

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