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The Bloc Quebecois is a federally registered political party that fields candidates for office only in the Canadian province of Quebec. The large percentage of seats within the province of Quebec that they win each election gives the party some leverage in parliament - especially with any minority government or potential coalition. The party is centre-left on the political spectrum with a social policy heavy platform. The Bloc Quebecois are a political party seeking independence for the province of Quebec.

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Gilles Duceppe officially named leader of Bloc Québécois
Duceppe thanked the party for its support and tried to rally the troops, saying the Bloc is the only party that can properly defend Quebec's interests in Ottawa. He told reporters not to read too much into the fact the Bloc chose to have its meeting on ...
Gilles Duceppe gives Bloc Quebecois a boostCTV News
Gilles Duceppe confirmed as Bloc Québécois leaderMontreal Gazette
Gilles Duceppe makes his return to the Bloc officialCJAD

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Montreal Gazette

Celine Cooper: Bloc's Gilles Duceppe returns to a changed political landscape
Montreal Gazette
On Wednesday, Gilles Duceppe was confirmed as the leader of the Bloc Québécois at the party's general meeting. Mario Beaulieu, the former divisive leader who had announced a few weeks ago he would voluntarily cede party leadership to Duceppe, ...

The Globe and Mail

Hard questions for Duceppe, and the Bloc Québécois
The Globe and Mail
The impact of Gilles Duceppe's surprise comeback as Bloc Québécois Leader on the next federal election will depend on what turns out to be the “ballot question” in Quebec. Will it be about booting out Stephen Harper's Conservatives or about Quebec's ...
Gilles Duceppe to take back leadership of Bloc Québécois: reportsToronto Star
Gilles Duceppe is new leader of the Bloc QuebecoisCTV News
Gilles Duceppe to reprise role as Bloc Québécois leader: sourceMontreal Gazette
National Post
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CTV News

Bloc Quebecois passes Liberals in new poll
CTV News
Riding high on the return of Gilles Duceppe as party leader, the Bloc Quebecois has seen a 12 per cent increase in its popularity according to a poll released by CROP and La Presse on Saturday. The BQ now has an approval rating of 25 per cent, placing ...
The EKOS poll: Bloc eats into NDP lead, vote-splits favour (subscription)
Two political parties launch pro-sovereignty campaignsCJAD

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WATCH: Trudeau unfazed by Bloc Quebecois passing Liberals in polls
If he's worried about the latest poll of Quebecers and the slide his party has taken Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau didn't show it Saturday. He spoke with reporters in Montreal for the first time since a new CROP-La Presse poll showed ...
Trudeau's big idea and the art of compromiseThe Globe and Mail
Friday's Editorial: Case for reform needs to be fleshed outEdmonton Journal
Trudeau rolls the dice with big ideasWinnipeg Free Press

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