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The Bloc Quebecois is a federally registered political party that fields candidates for office only in the Canadian province of Quebec. The large percentage of seats within the province of Quebec that they win each election gives the party some leverage in parliament - especially with any minority government or potential coalition. The party is centre-left on the political spectrum with a social policy heavy platform. The Bloc Quebecois are a political party seeking independence for the province of Quebec.

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CTV News

Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe expresses disappointment at TPP deal
CTV News
MONTREAL -- Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe is expressing disappointment at certain elements of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying it would mean a loss of income for milk producers. While Canada's protected dairy sector remains mostly intact ...
Duceppe expresses disappointment with TPPHamilton Spectator

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The Globe and Mail

In final debate, niqab issue breathes life into Bloc
The Globe and Mail
But while the big moment was between Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Harper, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe was probably this debate's winner. There were meatier issues. But Mr. Harper's declaration that his party would seek to ban the niqab from citizenship ...
Our reader poll results — the last word on the final debate belonged to youMontreal Gazette
Poll Tracker: 2 narratives emerge in national
Quebec has tendency to vote as a blocWaterloo Record

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Bloc Québécois election promises from the campaign trail so far
As the Oct. 19 federal election approaches, here's a running list of promises made by Bloc Québécois Gilles Duceppe since the campaign began Aug. 2.​. Sept. 25: Table a "wood charter" that would promote wood construction for federal buildings. Sept.
Spain's Catalonia Separatists Thrill Bloc Quebecois Leaders Gilles DuceppeHuffington Post Canada
Letter: Bloc has no place in national debatesMontreal Gazette
Quebec gets it right when it comes to cultureCalgary Sun
Waterloo Record
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National Post

Gilles Duceppe's lonely campaign: Bloc Québécois can't stop exodus of ...
National Post
MONTREAL — Gilles Duceppe still travels in a campaign bus featuring his larger-than-life picture. He has a catchy slogan — “We have everything to gain” — subtly alluding to his separatist agenda. But otherwise, this Bloc Québécois campaign is ...
Bloc Quebecois Unveils Financial Plan To Balance 2017-18 BudgetHuffington Post Canada

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Reporters 'feel alone' with Gilles Duceppe on Bloc Québécois tour
The scene was a little surreal: in the middle of an election campaign, a party leader was making an announcement in an early childhood centre — a location with high photo op potential — to three journalists, in front of an empty play structure. "I ...
Bloc Quebecois Campaign Failing To Stir Up PassionsHuffington Post Canada
In Quebec, orange is the new

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