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The Bloc Quebecois is a federally registered political party that fields candidates for office only in the Canadian province of Quebec. The large percentage of seats within the province of Quebec that they win each election gives the party some leverage in parliament - especially with any minority government or potential coalition. The party is centre-left on the political spectrum with a social policy heavy platform. The Bloc Quebecois are a political party seeking independence for the province of Quebec.

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National Post

Bloc Québécois activists travel to Scotland to observe an independence ...
National Post
With support for sovereignty waning at home, Quebec separatists are looking excitedly to next Thursday's Scottish vote on whether to break from the United Kingdom. Both the Bloc and the Parti Québécois are sending delegations to observe the referendum, ...
Scotland campaign changes the terms of Canada's sovereignty conversationWaterloo Record

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Toronto Star

Internal dissent, resignations slow Bloc Québécois leader's plan to renew ...
Toronto Star
MONTREAL—In the quest for Quebec independence the provincial Parti Québécois has historically been the A team, driving the arguments for sovereignty, picking the fights with Ottawa and building the case for separation. Two hours west, in Ottawa, the ...

Bloc Québécois: The party's over
The Globe and Mail
Give the Bloc Québécois this much: The party lasted longer than anyone expected. Its arrival in 1990 was a surprise, born out of the tectonic shifts of the Meech Lake crisis, the fracturing of the Progressive Conservatives and the magnetic pull of ...
Bloc's free fall opens up Quebec raceJournal Pioneer

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Montreal Gazette

Don Macpherson: Bloc Québécois's woes bode ill for sovereignty movement
Montreal Gazette
MONTREAL — A few years ago, during one of the Parti Québécois's internal crises, Paul Journet of La Presse tweeted that there were more slamming doors at one PQ caucus meeting than in a summer-theatre farce. This summer it's the Bloc Québécois that ...
New Bloc leader doesn't plan any changes after resignations from partyThe Globe and Mail

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Ottawa Citizen

The Bloc Québécois: Grumbling and crumbling
Ottawa Citizen
Welcome to the bleak world of the Bloc Québécois. It has a new leader, Mario Beaulieu, who doesn't have a seat in Parliament and is as colourful as he is contentious. Three of the four MPs elected by the Bloc in 2011 have left the party (one of them ...
The Bloc: Grumbling and crumblingStarPhoenix

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